Preschool Overview

OUR PROGRAM – Quality Christian Educational Program

At Concordia Christian we desire to provide a quality education that is focused on Biblical truths and the development of the whole child. We achieve this through establishing a safe environment where each is given the freedom to explore, manipulate and create through hands-on experiences that encourage children to become critical thinkers, problem solvers and researchers while investigating the world around them.

FACULTY AND STAFF – Environment of Christian Love and Acceptance

Our experienced and well educated faculty and staff are committed to displaying the acceptance and love of Christ as they teach, minister to and care for your child. We believe that the faculty and parents working together is essential to the success of your child and look forward to our partnership.

SCHEDULE – Choice of Schedule

Concordia Christian Preschool’s monthly tuition is based on the number of days a week attending and the choice from these daily schedules:

Full-time – 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
Flex-time – 8:15 am to 3:15 pm
Half-time – 8:15 am to 12:00 noon

Your Child’s Daily Schedule

Morning Schedule

Upon arrival…
⁃ Free Play
⁃ Center Time

During individual classes…
⁃ Music and Movement
⁃ Circle Time
⁃ Table Top
⁃ Manipulatives
⁃ Snack Time
⁃ Arts and Crafts

With other Preschool or Pre-Kindergarten classes…
⁃ Outside Play

Afternoon Schedule

With individual classes…
⁃ Lunch Time
⁃ Nap Time
⁃ Snack Time

After Care…
⁃ Outside Play
⁃ Story Time
⁃ Arts and Crafts
⁃ Inside Play

CURRICULUM – Engaging and Interactive Curriculum, Fostering Social, Emotional, Academic, Physical and Spiritual Growth

Concordia Preschool offers an engaging educational program in an environment of Christian love and acceptance. It challenges each child to discover and develop to their individual talents and spiritual gifts. Our curriculum is designed to give a well-rounded, quality Christian education while fostering social, emotional, academic, physical, and spiritual growth. We incorporate training in character development and relationship skills, enabling each child to establish a positive feeling of self-worth as a child of God.

Your child will be assigned to one of our Preschool Classes (ages 2-3 years) or one of our Pre-Kindergarten Classes (ages 4-5 years) based on their chronological and developmental age.

Preschool Classes

In our Preschool Classes shapes, colors with letter recognition and beginning sounds are introduced. Self-expression and creativity are fostered as the children participate in art, music, sensory activities and dramatic play. Then through interactive play your child will learn how to form friendships, develop self-awareness and learn to care for others.

Pre-Kindergarten Classes

Our Pre-Kindergarten Classes offer a more structured program for children who are preparing for Kindergarten. Learning includes “readiness” skills like letter-sound recognition, printing, math, science, increased attention span, and independent decision making. They continue to grow through participation in sensory and sociodramatic play.

Pre-K Classes Blue and Yellow

Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten

Our Pre-K classes are made up of 4 and 5 year olds who are preparing for Kindergarten the following year. We use an inviting and enriching Curriculum and also include valuable time for Arts and play.

Your student will continue to advance in the basic skills they have already practiced like cutting, writing, coloring, letters, shapes and colors. They will also learn new concepts such as writing and spelling their first and last name, letters, numbers and more.

We focus on learning independence. This begins at they put their items where they belong, find their pencil for work time, clean up their area and place mat at snack and lunch time and make their own beds for nap time.

It is rewarding to see them get excited as they learn new things and accomplish new tasks over the course of the school year.

Pre-K is an important time in your child’s life. It prepares them emotionally, socially and mentally for the next step. We partner with our Kindergarten teacher to ensure your student is prepared to move up!

Come join the fun!

Grade Level


Preschool Classes Red/Orange/Green

Welcome to Preschool

Preschool is an important step in your child’s life. It is the beginning of their school adventure! This may be the first time your child is separated from you for a long period of time, so a successful transition may take a week or two. But don’t worry once they get used to the routine, their comfort level will increase and they will begin to have fun and learn at the same time!

In our Preschool Program we focus on introducing the school routine. Your child will have their own cubby for their personal items. In the morning they will play at classroom centers where they will learn to play, share and communicate with others. Then we move into circle time where calendar, numbers, letters, colors and more are introduced. This is also a time for them to learn how to sit quietly, be attentive to what is being taught and participate in the process. As the day progresses we learn through playing games, enjoying art, reading stories, singing, dancing as well as engaging in hands on activities related to what they learned during circle time.

Our Preschool Program is run in a similar manner to our Pre-K Program but is developmental and age-appropriate for those who still have another year or two to prepare for Pre-K and Kindergarten. As our numbers allow we divide our Preschool into levels as noted by the colors above. Red is our entry level and so on.

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Mrs. Vanessa Wallace

Mrs. Inez Padilla

Grade Level



We have served our community for over 70 years and would consider it a privilege to serve you and your family’s educational and childcare needs. Call today for a tour to experience our program and meet our faculty and staff. We invite you to join the Concordia Family!

Summer Camp

A less structured learning program is implemented during the Summer Time.

Sample schedule and information is attached.