K-5th Overview

Education goes beyond just academics, it includes spiritual, physical and emotional development as well. We strive to assist in the development of each student’s character and relationship skills. The lessons learned here will equip each one with the tools and life skills to use for years to come and ensure a successful future for our students. This also involves enabling them to:

    • Practice a lifestyle consistent with God’s Word.
    • Develop a knowledge and appreciation of their own unique talents and spiritual gifts.
    • Develop a positive feeling of self-worth as a child of God.

The School offers a quality, Christ-centered educational program in an environment of Christian love and acceptance that challenges the child to discover, use and develop to the fullest his/her individual talents and spiritual gifts.

Concordia Christian School - Elementary

Our Curriculum

The curriculum of Concordia Christian – Elementary is designed to give a well-rounded, quality Christian education. It is our goal that each student successfully complete the prescribed course of study for each grade level; as well as develop an understanding and appreciation for our system of government and the freedoms we enjoy.

Our BASIC ELEMENTARY curriculum includes the following:

  • Christian Instruction – All students receive Christian instruction in the classroom and participate in a weekly chapel service. We seek to impart to each child the saving Good News of Jesus Christ, so that through word and action he/she may live out a Christian lifestyle as a saved child of God. Memorization of Scripture, prayers, and catechism will also be a part of the Christian instruction.
  • Reading – Reading is taught using the phonetics approach. Children may, at various grades, be grouped according to their reading ability. Recreational reading is encouraged.
  • Language Arts (English/Spelling/Printing/Handwriting) – The language arts program stresses the proper use of grammar, and formal and creative writing. Good penmanship and spelling are also taught and encouraged in all curriculum areas.
  • Math – Mathematical concepts are sequentially followed throughout the grades. Reasoning and problem-solving skills are developed. Enjoyment and practical application of math are fostered.
  • Social Studies – The social studies curriculum covers the major social science disciplines with emphasis on teaching the dignity of each person and the interdependence of nations and peoples.
  • Science – Science concepts are developed in all grade levels through study, observation, and experimentation. The scientific method is fostered through hands-on study.


  • Computers – Basic computer instruction varies from grade to grade.
  • Physical Education/Extra Curricular Sports – All students have regular physical education classes in which physical fitness, development of large motor skills, game playing, and good sportsmanship are stressed. We participate in a Christian Sports League. Students in the 5th and 6th may participate with 4th grade participating at the coach’s discretion. There is a separate fee for each sport and there is no guarantee that all will participate in every game. Coaches will make every effort to play those who faithfully participate in the team’s practices.
  • Music – Classroom music and choirs are taught as a progressive instruction program in all the grades.
  • Art – Art instruction encourages creative expression through use of a variety of media. Art appreciation may also be part of the curriculum.
  • Languages (ASL/Spanish) – When available.

We share the Gospel of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord while displaying the love and forgiveness that comes through Him. This includes ministry to children and families in the school. The School provides quality and committed staff members who display the acceptance, nurture and love of Christ to all. We recognize the importance of the partnership between faculty and parents and desire to cultivate those relationships.

Just as Jesus welcomed all who came to Him, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in admissions, rights, privileges, programs and activities that are made available to all students at the school. Further we do not discriminate in the administration of our educational policies, admissions policies, scholarships, and other school administered programs.


We have served our community for over 70 years and would consider it a privilege to serve you and your family’s educational and childcare needs. Call today for a tour to experience our program and meet our faculty and staff. We invite you to join the Concordia Family!

Kindergarten Class

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Kindergarten is an exciting time here at Concordia Granada Hills. With a nurturing, structured environment to transition into academics, students will begin their school career. Through hands-on, self-discovery and guided, group, partner and independent work, students will begin to discover and make connections with numbers and words and in turn connect them to the very world they live in. They will experience and grow in social interaction and become respectful members of our classroom and school environment. We will have daily dedicated time for each of the subjects (math, writing, reading, grammar, science, social studies, phonics, Bible study) and have independent centers that reinforce content. We will also have lots of fun doing special projects in art and science! Most importantly we will hear about Jesus and the love He has for us. We will also focus on heroes from the Bible and how we can live by Jesus’ example. We will go on field trips that are fun and educational and begin to create that memory bank of great school experiences! I am so excited to be teaching here at Granada Hills. I can’t wait to meet our class of Kindergarten Peace Builders!

Grade Level

Elementary School

1st Grade Class

Welcome to 1st Grade!

First grade is an exciting time for new literacy and math skills. Students will have a better sense of how words and language work to communicate. They will be able to sound out more complex words and grow in their spelling skills. Students will move from the beginning stages of reading and writing to becoming independent readers and writers expressing their own ideas! In math, they will quickly learn to add and subtract numbers, and learn to solve word problems.


Ms. Gabriela De La Cruz

Grade Level

Elementary School

2nd Grade Class

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

With a strong foundation in the core subjects of reading, language and math, in Kindergarten and First Grade, we will press on with some of those skills in lots of creative, descriptive, anecdotal and persuasive writing. Math skills will solidify addition and subtraction facts through double digits, beginning multiplication and division and a strong focus on story problem solving.

Grade Level

Elementary School

3rd Grade Class

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

This will be an exciting year filled with learning and discovery! Here’s a summary of what we will learn! We will work to become better at decoding words as well as using comprehension concepts to understand what we read. We will review adding and subtracting facts in math and then focus on mastering multiplication and division facts. We will practice the concepts of place value, time, money, fractions, geometry, statistics, and multiplying and dividing numbers. In Social Studies, we will learn about the regions of the United States and some of the early peoples who lived in each. We will study a brief history of our country from the Pilgrims to the Forty-Niners. In Science, we will learn about life cycles of plants and animals, the Solar System, energy, Earth’s water, and the roles of living things. We will work hard to improve our cursive writing. In Religion, we will learn about God’s Word, Martin Luther, prayer, the Ten Commandments, how Jesus brought salvation, and how we can share the Good News with others. In English class, we will learn how to use our language to better communicate with others in speaking and writing.

Grade Level

Elementary School

4th Grade Class

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Fourth grade will be a year filled with fun learning adventures, independence, challenges, and successful growth. We will learn how to further our math skills by using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to apply to word problems and computation. In Social Studies, we will be learning about the History of California. Science will consist of: Living and Nonliving Things as well as Solids, Liquids, and Gases. Also, we will be introduced to electricity and weather.

Grade Level

Elementary School

5th Grade

Welcome to the 5th Grade!

Grades 5 is transitional year. The 5th Graders are the “big kids” in elementary and getting ready to move into Middle School. Partnership and communication are key to how our students succeed. In order to do that each student receives a weekly newsletter (overview for the week) and daily records their assignments in their Assignment Book (specific for each day). I further communicate through our weekly e-mails (with reminders and student progress) and our 5th grade Google Classroom (which will keep you in the know).

There is so much more to school than just learning facts and skills… developing character and responsibility are important too. My greatest desire is for each one to gain further knowledge, not just about Math or Reading, but of how much God loves them and wants them to express this love to others. It is exciting to watch as individual potential is revealed and greater independence is established! Come join the adventure.

Grade Level

Elementary School

After School

There are a variety of activities that are offered here on our campus for Elementary students. Here is a list of just a few:
Elementary Daycare (K-5) – (Before and After school care is provided at a reasonable cost.)

Extended Elementary School Care is available each day. Before school hours are from 7:00 am to 8:00 am and after school hours are from 3:15 pm to 6:00 pm. The program involves a variety of activities some of which include, structured and free time, outdoor activities, indoor creative play with arts and crafts, games, etc… and time for homework during Study Hall for grades 2nd-5th.

Additional Activities – Details and when these activities will be offered and how to participate will be sent home in the Messenger, our newsletter.

  • Cheer Class (additional cost – when scheduled).
  • Athletics – when participation meets requirements (additional cost).


We have served our community for over 70 years and would consider it a privilege to serve you and your family’s educational and childcare needs. Call today for a tour to experience our program and meet our faculty and staff. We invite you to join the Concordia Family!

Camp Sonshine

Camp Sonshine is available for your Elementary student during school breaks like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Summer. Information regarding registering for Camp Sonshine is announced in the Elementary School Messenger or you may call our school office at 818.368.0892 for specific questions. Come join the fun!
Returning Elementary Students: Please check the Messenger, our School Newsletter, for details on how to enroll and attend Camp Sonshine for School Vacation and Summer Programs.
New Elementary Students: Camp Sonshine Packet and Worksheet will be posted when available each year.

See attached below for this year’s themes and information.